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Hi! I'm Ian

Growing up in the Midwest (a three stop light town) manual labor, a strong work ethic, and self discipline were instilled at a young age.

In my professional career as an engineer, I obtained my Ph.D, published technical papers, served on advisory boards, studied quantum physics to develop Naval technology, and helped many small business owners get their freedom back with a custom app.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction I get by helping others succeed!
My staff and I love helping small business owners get their freedom back.  If you own a small business, I want to talk with you!

When I'm not working, I'm coaching youth sports, watching my boys grow up too fast, and surrounding myself with amazing family and friends.


Grow Your Company Like You've Always Dreamed Of

Take back your freedom with a custom app and get back to loving what you do!

Small Business Owners

Take Back Your Freedom
With a Custom App
Made For You

Get a custom app that sets you free from daily burdens.
Get back to loving what you do.
100% return on investment guarantee.

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